Dharm Mandal History
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Dharm Mandal founded in 1932 by our three ancestors they are:
(1) Lt. Shri. Prem Nath Srivastava
(2) Lt. Shri. Prakash Nath Srivastava
(3) Lt. Shri. Jayanti Prasad Srivastava

Dharm Mandal
In 1932 during Dusherra on Wednesday children of village Sarai Harkhu announced at village and in market Dhaniyamau that “tomorrow Vijyadashmi will going to be celebrate at our village”, on listening this few shopkeepers went to our village and set their shops at Ramleela ground, the over three youngsters alongside other kids played Ramleela and burnt "Ravana". Dharm Mandal established from here. Complete history is composed at Viraha page.
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